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Crush the zombies!

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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The aliens have invaded your hometown. Most people in the vicinity are infected with the alien zombie virus. There is no cure for this virus.

You found a road roller in your backyard and you decided to use it to get out of your house and search for survivors who are not infected with the zombie virus. You need to guide them to the exit door so they can escape from the zombies.

The game controls are the wheel control to move and the right and left steering controls for direction navigation. Basically, you need to use the wheel control and the steering controls to navigate your road roller to crush the zombies. The more zombies you crush, the more combos you obtained. There will be no lack of zombies to crush as they keep coming in waves to swarm you and your vehicle.

There are five types of enemies in this game. Two children zombies and a big deformed zombie which you have to deal with while navigating your road roller.

The worst has yet to come. There is an green alien that will shoot lasers at your road roller to damage your getaway vehicle.

Fortunately, you have in-game items to help you in difficult situations. These items usually appear after you completed several combos by squashing more zombies with your road roller.

Bonus Game Items:

- Timer - This item is for Time Rush Mode only. It will increase your survivors' escape time for 10 seconds.

- Tool Box for repairs - This item is for Survival mode only. Having it will help to repair your road rollers by 10 points in Turbo speed.

- Turbo Engine - Increases your road roller's speed for 10 seconds.

Other Game features:

- Obstacles to avoid while navigating your road roller. These obstacles are lamp posts, buildings and caravans.Try to avoid these obstacles especially when lots of zombies surround you, if not your vehicle will get stuck and your health bar will keep on decreasing as more and more zombies swarm you.

- Different game landscapes as you move your road roller.

- Ability to shuffle some of your music while playing the game. You can set the

background game music off if you wish to listen to your music while playing the game.

- Online ranking scoreboards for survival and time rush game modes.

- Three slots to save your game states for both survival and time rush game modes.

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