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BestestTube: Memes of YouTube Explained

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BestestTube lets you watch the all funniest, hottest and best memes and videos from YouTube and gives you detailed insights into each one of them, so that you can become the Meme expert amongst your friends.

Each video contains detailed information and interesting facts about the meme as well as letting you watch related videos including remixes, mash-ups and interviews with the meme's stars.

BestestTube details over 50 videos, each with 2 to 4 related videos, allowing you to watch over 200 videos in total.

BestestTube lets you share the videos easily with your friends by posting them to your Facebook account or sending them by email.

Videos include:

• Christian the Lion
• Battle at Kruger
• Dramatic Chipmunk
• Keyboard Cat
• Sneezing Baby Pandy

• Afro Ninja
• Boom Goes The Dynamite
• Gay Mount Everest
• Miss Teen South Carolina
• Scarlet Takes a Tumble
• Swedish Girl Barfs on TV
• Winnebago Man

• Angry German Kid
• Charlie Bit My Finger!
• David After Dentist
• Laughing Baby
• Star Wars Kid
• Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Song & Dance:
• Auto-Tune The News
• Back Dorm Boys
• Benny Lava
• Chocolate Rain
• Crush On Obama
• Daft Bodies
• Daft Hands
• Dick in a Box
• Flea Market Montgomery
• Guitar
• Ken Lee
• Little Superstar
• Numa Numa
• Philippines Prison Thriller
• Take On Me: Literal Video
• Techno Viking
• United Breaks Guitars
• Where the Hell is Matt?
• Yatta

Web & Geek Chic:
• All Your Base
• Badger Badger Badger
• Charlie The Unicorn
• Leeroy Jenkins
• Peanut Butter Jelly Time
• Potter Puppet Pals
• Rickroll'd

• Diet Coke & Mentos
• Don't Tase Me Bro
• Everyday
• Frozen Grand Central
• Leave Britney Alone
• Wii Fit Girl
• Will It Blend

Note: An internet connection is required to watch the videos