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This application features:

★ SIMPLE COOKING TIPS – A tremendous quantity of hints that will help you in so many ways in your kitchen. Hints you may not even have heard of until now.

★ HINTS YOUR KIDS CAN USE – How to keep marshmallows from burning on an open fire.

★ KEEPING FOOD THE RIGHT COLOR – Preventing cauliflower or potatoes from losing their beautiful white color.

★ PREVENTING COOKING CALAMITIES – How to prevent milk boil overs and even pasta boil overs.

★ IMPRESSIVE HINTS – How to not have meringue stick to the knife when you cut a pie topped with meringue.

★ PRETTY EGGS – How to cook an egg so that it is perfectly centered for deviled eggs.

★ INCREDIBLY FLUFFY OMELETS – What to add to eggs to make them fluffier.

★ RIGHT POTATOES – Understand which kinds of potatoes to buy for different recipes.

★ SAUTÉING SECRETS – Tricks all the great chefs know, such as why you end up boiling instead of sautéing foods.

★ FOODS SMELLS – Knowing what to do to cover up burnt food smells.

★ PREVENTING GOITERS – Why it makes a difference what kinds of salt you use.

★ CHICKEN SECRETS – Know how to serve tender chicken, it starts with the meat case.

★ BAKING HINTS – Knowing how to prevent lopsided cakes.

★ RESTAURANT SECRETS – How to attain perfectly round pancakes.

★ REMOVING INGREDIENTS – Learn how to remove too much salt from a soup.

★ STORAGE – How you can use this trick to keep ice cream from forming crystals.

★ TRICKS – Learn the trick of what to add to soggy whipped cream to make it set up.

★ RECIPE TRANSLATIONS – What to substitute when an old recipe calls for lard and how much to use.

With all these secrets, and more, you’ll undoubtedly be able to teach your mother in law cooking secrets!