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Glyndex - The nutrition guru

iPhone / iPad
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Glyndex is an easy to use, convenient tool for finding out the glycemic index of more than 950 food items. The handy traffic light view with switchable real values will let you know instantly whether or not you should eat a particular food, for your situation. Dieters, diabetics and those looking to eat healthy will find everything they need here. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“Nice and clean user interface, it provides a wealth of nutritional information and addresses the issue of Glycemic Load (an equally important and usually undervalued aspect of the Glycemic Index).”
- Frosty_in_TX

You want to look good in your bathing suit this summer, so you’re trying to lose weight again. This time it’s a low carb diet. Faithfully, you lug around your diet book and consult it every time you shop or eat. Sure, it’s a bit of a pain but if it works, it’ll be well worth it. Right?

Of course it’s good to actively take care of yourself and congratulations on doing that. The thing is, there’s a much easier way of finding out whether or not you should be eating certain foods. It’s called Glyndex and it makes food evaluation simple and convenient.

Inside Glyndex, you’ll find a vast amount of information like, glycemic index values, glycemic load, kilocalories, kilojoules, protein, carbs, fat and fiber for more than 950 food items. You can even read the details of how these values affect your body. This app is perfect for diabetics who need to monitor their insulin levels, dieters and those who are concerned with their health and nutrition.

Glyndex isn’t just for when you’re eating. It sits at the ready on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, so take it shopping with you, to ensure that you make the very best choices for your healthy food shopping.

To make things really easy for you, Glyndex offers a three traffic light system with optional display of index values. You know in a quick glance if a particular food is appropriate for your dietary requirements. Just obey the green, yellow or red lights, check the values if you’ve switched them on, and you’ll do great.

Selecting values to be displayed with your traffic lights shows the glycemic index and glycemic load and allows you to switch the view between Glyndex, Montignac and Custom settings. Opt for the one that makes sense for you.

With more than 950 different foods, you’d think that finding the one you’re looking for would be hard and frustrating but it’s not! Use the easy search function to instantly find any item. If it’s something you eat often, you may even want to save it to your Favorites list for easy retrieval later.

Just look at some of the features you get in Glyndex:

- Clean, easy interface
- Convenient, travels everywhere with you
- Optional glycemic index and load values displayed with traffic light colors
- Switch between Glyndex, Montignac and Custom settings for your traffic lights
- Definable ranges for traffic light colors
- Read details about how the glycemic values of a food can affect your body
- Clear categories
- Quick, easy, search and save functionality
- Easily activate or deactivate Favorites
- Enter additional foods
- Shows real values not often found on food labels
- Available in English and German, without having to adjust your iPhone language

Forget about carrying books around from now on, things just got easier. Download Glyndex now and start enjoying a healthier you.