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List-In-Hand® Mobile List

iPhone / iPad
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List-In-Hand® Mobile List – Simplify and enhance your lifestyle.
Save time and money and organize all your lists with Mobile List. Grocery lists, recipe, hobby, hardware, project, anything you want to organize.
Eliminates the need for writing out and carrying around a paper list while ensuring that your list is always at your finger tips since it is accessible from the one thing you virtually never leave home without, your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Use with a barcode scanner to easily build lists on your Mac or PC and many other mobile phone devices. Add all of your favorite items to your list just by scanning the barcode on the product and viola! The exact item is input onto your list. The ease-of-use is amazing!
List-In-Hand® Mobile List is accessible from ANY internet enabled device, so you can make important changes and quick additions from anywhere. Also, since Mobile List is internet based service, you can share lists with others. Family members, friends or roommates can make necessary last minute additions to your shopping list which will instantaneously appear on your Mobile List, eliminating those unnecessary return trips to the store to get forgotten items.
Not only can you view your lists while you are out and about, you can also add/delete items, record the location and availability of items in specific stores, update with current pricing information. Notify your friends with an SMS or email when you spot a great deal that they want to know about!
Price tracking allows you to spot a good deal quickly. Eliminate the guesswork with location tracking. You can customize your lists based on specific stores that you visit and Mobile list can show you exactly what aisle/shelf to find the item you are looking for… you could even send someone unfamiliar with the store, to get the things you need since Mobile List can show them right where to go. Your trips to the store can take much less time when you organize your lists by store aisle... or you can spend the time (and money) you save with leisure shopping. Mobile List items also allow customizable pictures to make sure that you always get the correct item. You can personalize your favorite items by adding unique photos or slide shows to remind you of your favorite people and or times associated with a product.
All of your lists remain stored in your List-In-Hand account so you can use the same list multiple times. Also, your customized list items remain saved and are quickly accessed whenever, and wherever you need them.
Creating wish-lists for birthday, wedding, or baby showers has never been so easy, just scan the barcodes of what you want when you see it and add it to your wish list. Once your list is complete you can send it via email to all your invited guests, complete with pictures!
Item look-up provides easy search for items by entering the product keyword or barcode working with virtually all popular models of cabled and wireless barcode scanners ... and most non-popular ones too!