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IO-360 Power Calculator

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IO-360 calculates the power generation for Lycoming IO-360 -A, -C, -D, -J and -K engines. Given an altitude, OAT, and desired % power, the application calculates alternative MP and RPM settings that can be used to achieve the desired % power. The application also supports selecting Best Power or Best Economy settings and displays the approximate fuel burn.

The underlying data is taken from the Operator’s Manual, Textron Lycoming O-360, IO-360, AIO-360, HIO-360 & TIO-360, 5th Edition (Part No. 60297-12).

The data does NOT apply to O-360, HO-360, AIO-360, HIO-360, or TIO-360 engines, nor to any IO-360 variant other than -A, -C, -D, -J, or -K engines.

This application does not take into account any limitations imposed by the installation of these engines in a specific airframe or when mated with a specific propellor.

This information from this application is intend for educational purposes only, and should not be relied on when operating an aircraft. It is up to the pilot to review all official engine and airframe documentation and make appropriate operating decisions.