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Five in 5

iPhone / iPad
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Do you remember what you looked like five years ago? Your face does!

Cheaper and faster than any wrinkle cream.

Five In 5 gives you the five most effective facial exercises that you can do in five minutes to take five years off your face. Use the videos to learn the exercises and simply follow along.

The muscles of the face are attached directly to the skin that covers them. When you firm your facial muscles the skin attached to them firms up too. Quickly!

Improve facial muscle tone. Lift years off your face. In five minutes.

Thinking about plastic surgery?

You may find you don’t need it when you see the results from your Five in 5 workouts. Just like your other muscles, resistance plus repetition tones and firms them. Because the facial muscles are so small they tone faster than the other muscles in your body.

Use your hands to save your face!

Five In 5 is a program that gets results throughout the face. The forehead and upper face, eyes and mid-face (cheeks) and the mouth, lower face, chin and neck.

You’ll see dramatic results for fast facial fitness.

Use the exercise demo to learn how the exercises should be performed. Then click over to the workout and follow along.

Unlike other facial exercise programs, you can easily complete this program the recommended once a day. For faster results do the work out twice a day.

Your skin will glow and people will notice how refreshed, rested and younger you look. Some people see immediate results. Some people notice a difference after their first workout. You will definitely notice a difference after five days, a more dramatic result after one month and effects are cumulative and the more consistently you do the workout.

Give your face the same benefits you give your body.

All muscles will respond to stimulation and resistance. So no matter what your age, you will see a difference with this workout.

Tauter, fitter, younger. That equals a more confident you.

All natural, beauty on the go. You may have seen other facial exercise programs but you’ve never seen one that can be done this simply and this quickly using your device.

Performed correctly and regularly, Five In 5 will:

Smooth lines on the forehead and lift the eyebrow area
Firm and tone the mid-face
“Open up” the eye area and smooth crows feet and minimize eye bags and wrinkles
Tighten the jawline
Smooth smile lines
Firm the neck area

Exercising muscles brings increased blood flow to the skin. You will notice your skin looking healthier and taking on a glow.

Why facial exercise? Because it works. Skin care and makeup can only do so much.

You owe it to yourself to take beauty into your own hands.

You can’t beat the convenience of the iPhone app. It’s with you where ever you go whether you do the workout once a day for five minutes or decide to speed up the results by doing the workout twice a day.

It’s the natural method of putting your best face forward with a more beautiful, confident you.


A complete explanation of the exercises along with the list of muscles worked.

A demonstration of each exercise for you to learn.

A follow-along workout you can do anywhere, anytime.