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Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The traditional Chinese medical practices form an integral part of Chinese culture. In fact, the Chinese medical practice use the culture beliefs to interpret the states of illness.

The TCM recognizes three fundamental causative factors in diseases:
External causing agents, as the Yang 陽 factor, including climatic, infectious and contagious.
Internal dysfunction, as Yin 陰 factor
Accidental and traumatic injuries, which are partly Yin and partly Ying.

The aim of the treatment is to enhancing or reducing the Yin or Ying in order to treat the body as a whole symptom, rather than any particular symptom.

Too much Yin--characterized by Cold symptoms
Too much Yang--characterized by Heat symptoms
Too little Yin--characterized by Internal Heat symptoms
Too little Yang--characterized by general coldness