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a bugs defense Sp.

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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iPhone OS 3.0 feature: In App iPod Library is added. You can select your music from iPod Library playlist during playing game.

Lucy's house is infested with bugs all over the house. She needs someone to help her kill the bugs coming to invade her house. Being a admirer of her, you readily agree to help her to settle her bugs problem in her garden.

Of course, you are not a professional pest terminator but you managed to find a few items at the utility stores which most bug terminators will use.

Your weapons for terminating bugs:

Honey Gun - The honey spray out of the gun is useful for slowing down the bugs' movement speed. Once they are slowed down, they are at your disposal!

Insecticide - This insecticide spray will do damage to all the bugs near the targeted area. It is best to cover your nose when you using this weapon.

Anti-Bugs Laser Gun - The laser from this gun is capable for killing all bugs in one straight line. Use it wisely.

If all the weapons bought from the utility store fail to terminate the bugs, you can still use Lucy's slipper or your fingers to squash the bugs.

To play this game, you need to tap on the weapons mentioned and drag them to the battlefield. Lucy's parents has agreed to pay you for your efforts. The more bugs you squash, the more money you will have to upgrade your terminating bugs' weapons! The bugs will comes in waves and you will definitely need the money to buy more weapons to station them at different parts of the garden to prevent their invasion.

Once you acquired enough money, you can upgrade your weapons to prepare for the next attack. If you are short of money to buy more weapons, you can choose the weapon which you don't need and sell it. This way, you can buy better weapons with your current money.

Remember, Lucy has a phobia of bugs. If more bugs entered her house, she will faint and you cannot date her out for a movie or impress her with your bugs terminating abilities! The green bar on the top left corner of the screen indicates her current tolerance of the bugs invading her home. Once her tolerance bar runs to zero, she will faint.

Game Features:

- 3 game chapters to conquer. Each chapter consists of 3 levels. Therefore, there will 9 levels in total to practice your skill in terminating bugs.

- Online scoreboard ranking. You can compete with your online friends on who has the highest score for this game regardless on where you are situated.

- Option to turn off the game's sounds while you are listening to music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can pause the game at any time when you are in the middle of doing something.

- You can play your previous completed levels again if you can't complete your current level.

- Cute graphics with realistic screaming sounds when bugs enter Lucy's house.

- In App access to iPod Library


Support and Feedback

Our forum is now live. For comments and feedback about the game on areas of improvements, please visit our forum. For technical support or other enquiries, please drop us an email at