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iPhone / iPad
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SPEED4 is a card game that can play by four people or less.

START:begin game.
CONNECT:connect with another device.
OPTION:The system requirements is set.

It becomes a card selection screen when beginning.
The mark that uses a color that is black or is red for four people is selected at two person play.
If COM is chosen, the seat where the player doesn't exist becomes COM player matched to the number of people.
In the CONNECT mode, it is sure to become four person play.

When all members select it, it becomes a game screen.
When someone pushes, the game is restarted because the NEXT button goes out when the START button and the card put out disappear when beginning and it stops.

It is large to one card that has gone out to the center of the screen or can put out the card of a figure small by one from place note in this side of the screen.
A(1) and 13 are connected. The following card is put out from hand cards by doing after it puts it out from place note to the mountain note in the tap.
The number of remainder of hand cards is displayed in the right of this side. It is a win that hand cards disappears early.
Victory or defeat is not decided as long as the player of another person can keep being put out from place note even if one ends previously at two person play. Ending simply and early is a win in case of four person play.

It connects with the device for bluetooth, and the play up to four people or less becomes possible.
The screen changes at the same time on the other hand if one side ends in the scene where it goes from OPTION to the card selection screen.

The system requirements is set.
As for the slider setting, the value grows in the right side.
BGM: The volume of BGM is set.
SE: The volume of the sound effect is set.
COM LEVEL: Strength of the COM player is set.
GUIDE: The presence of the display of the card that can be put out from place note is set.
LEFT: The presence of the remainder number of sheets display of hand cards is set.
CARDS: The number of sheets of the card used for one play is set.
DEAFULT: It returns it to an initial value.