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Connect - set up the relations between your Address Book’s Contacts

iPhone / iPad
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Did you ever asked yourself “What’s the name of that guy that works with my friend John cousin's Mark?”.

That’s a kind of question sometimes our mind fails to answer.

With Connect you can always know who are all the people that inhabit your Address Book. If you are like the majority of iPhone owners, your Contacts database grows larger every week. It’s a new friend you make at a party, it’s a new client you meet, the doctor you consult with, a phone of a handyman you grab at a café board… Sometimes you just loose track with all that people. Who is this man David Taylor in my Address Book?…

With Connect you can “connect” all the people you know in any way you want. There’s no limit in how many different relations (like mother, friend, ex co-worker, prospect, client etc…), you can create, or in how many ways you relate to the people you know.

Connect special features:

+ SEND MASS EMAILS: Connect allows you to send multiple recipients emails direct from within the App!

+ SHARE MULTIPLE CONTACTS AT ONCE: with Connect you can share any number of contacts (in VCF standard format - Mac OS AddressBook, OutLook etc), with your friends by email, direct from within the App! The recipient of this email will get an attachment with all important data of the contacts you’ve shared (Name, Company, phone, address etc).

+ SEND SMS (TEXT MESSAGES): just select the contact you want, and send him/her a text message!

And what’s best: you can link your Contacts between themselves too! So, Anna, is Mary’s sister, that is married to Mark, who worked with Martha, that was your friend at high school! By linking your contacts you’ll find so many ways to get to understand how you relate to everybody. It is really amazing AND USEFUL!

Connect also allows you to SEND GROUP EMAIL messages, SHARE YOUR CONTACTS and even send text (SMS) messages! So let’s say you have a relation named “Project China”. You relate to a lot of people in that project (managers, clients, suppliers etc). Imagine that your company’s CEO meets you at an event and asks you if you can send him all team contacts so he can take a word with each one of them. With Connect it’s easy! Simply select the relation, press the SHARE CONTACTS BUTTON, and the app will provide you with a new email message with all the team personal info attached in a VCF standard card! Fast and easy!

From inside Connect App you can also access all your Contacts’ details, call them, check for their addresses, and so on.

Connect does not alter your AddressBook database, so your Groups remain just the way you want. But inside Connect, you’ll have all the flexibility you need to link your people to each other.

New features are planned, so buy it, enjoy and stay tuned to new updates from time to time! Subscribe to our RSS feed at the top.

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