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Shape Sifter

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
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The HUGE v1.2 release of Shape Sifter is out now! Details on the new maps with new challenges:

• Colossal: The longer you keep a shape on the screen, the higher its score value and physical size grows. But if it grows too big then you risk it colliding with other shapes. Greed is your worst enemy on this map.

• Star: Pesty shooting stars are trying to wipe out a goal's score multiplier bonus. Double tap the incoming star to knock it away before it reaches the goal and you'll earn extra points.


Shape Sifter is a unique puzzle game where the player navigates an incoming stream of various shapes by drawing a path towards a goal. There are only four things you need to know to play - Collect, Merge, Stack and Avoid:

♦ Collect shapes by moving them towards the goals.
♣ Merge similar shapes together to increase their score value.
♦ Stack goals with the same color shapes to increase their score multiplier.
♣ Avoid collisions with other shapes.

♦♣♦♣♦ Features ♦♣♦♣♦

• Higher score multiplier rewards for strategic playing. A goal can accept any color but matching the same color earns more points.
• Shapes of the same type and color can be combined for mega bonus points (watch out, they also grow in size!)
• Simple touch and drag controls. Easy to play with multiple lives so one bad collision will not end the game.
• Addictive gameplay with endless possibilities. Do you play it safe or keep a shape on the screen longer to earn a higher score? Or do you focus on just one color? It is all up to you!
• Collect bonuses that will change a shape's color, double a shape's points, or earn you an extra life.
• High quality special effects and graphics
• Each map has unique differences with many maps to choice from
• Online high score leaderboards and over 40 achievements with OpenFeint
• Auto save feature so you can play between short breaks or play straight through

♦♣♦♣♦ Gameplay & Tutorial Videos ♦♣♦♣♦

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♦♣♦♣♦ Customer Support ♦♣♦♣♦

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