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Coaches Toolbox

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Whether a corporate coach looking to measure the personality or behaviors or your clients, or a life coach wanting to gauge just how coachable a potential client is, then the Coaching Toolbox is an ideal tool to carry with you.

The Coaches Toolkit allows you to assess personality and behavior, record goals and progress against them, keep notes for each client, and maintain a list of to-do items.


The Coaches Toolkit contains 17 different assessments across three areas including:


* Jung Personality Profile
* Big 5 Traits
* Emotional Intelligence
* Enneagram


* Stress Levels
* Quality of Life
* Quick Satisfaction Assessment


* Assertiveness
* Conflict Styles
* Learning Styles
* Manipulation Profile
* Mental Attitude
* Motivations
* Quick Self-Esteem Review
* Full Self-Esteem Profile
* Zung Depression Scale


* Coachability Scale

These assessments are presented in an easy to use way so that clients can easily complete any of the assessments.

The results for each assessment are stored by client allowing you to easily recall, and compare progress between sessions. This is an ideal way of showing your clients the real progress that they are making.

Results can be e-mailed to clients so that they can keep their own record of progress.


One of the key ingredients of coaching is the support of a client to meet their goals, and the Coaches Toolbox will allow you to record and measure progress for your clients Goals.

Using the 5 question method for Goal Setting (What, Why, How, Who, Result) you will be able to keep a record of progress against real tangible goals for your clients.


Maintaining a list of client based to-do items can be an important task that is often missed, but the Coaches Toolbox allows you to record simple to-do items against each of your clients.


Keeping your clients notes all together is a vital part of being a professional coach, and the Notes section of the Coaches Toolbox will allow you to record text, audio and image notes along with Goals, Assessments and To-Do items.


It is vital that all of this information is secured and so the application comes with two levels of security, Application and Client.

Application security restricts access to the application, and Client security restricts access to a particular client, which is a useful addition if you are going to hand this application to a client to complete.


Keeping your clients information organized is an important part of being a professional coach and no matter if you have 10 clients or 100 clients the Coaches Toolbox is an excellent addition to your iPhone which can help you keep your clients in mind.

More information about this application, support and comments can be found at our website.