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It is a chromatic tuner which assumed the strings a main target. From a low tone to a high-pitched tone, the tuning of a wide range is possible by changing a function. (LOW:C1-B4 MIDDLE:E1-B5 HIGH:C3-B6)
I narrowed it down to the function that was necessary for tuning. The outbreak function of the standard sound is equipped.
1.Adjustment of the standard frequency.
Touch the indication and sliding it up or down. It is shared by a tuner function and a standard sound outbreak function.
2.The change of the AUTO / MANUAL.
With a button of the lower left.
AUTO:It judges an octave / scale automatically.
MANUAL:It is fixed in an octave / scale desired.
3.Octave adjustment.(MANUAL)
Touch the indication and slide it up or down.
4.Scale adjustment.(MANUAL)
Touch the indication and slide it up or down.
5.Standard sound outbreak.
ON/OFF with the button of the lower right.
AUTO:A4. MANUAL:Composition sound with Octave/Scale value.
6.Input threshold level adjustment
Touch the indication and slide it right or left.
Initial value:-50db. (With contact mic:-60db(recommended))
7.If you touched the “i” button of lower-right a config-view will appear.

8.Choice of the target-frequency.
Low:C0-E5. Middle:E1-B5. High:C3-B6.
9.Choice of the wave-form of tone(Auto).
You can choose 'Triangle-wave' or 'Saw-wave'.
10.Choice of the wave-form of tone(Manual).
You can choose 'Triangle-wave' or 'Saw-wave'.