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Protection Spell

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You know that there are some places you should not venture into. Some things you should not be doing.

Too dangerous, they say.

But you have to go. You just have to do it. I know how it is!

Or you may just find yourself in a situation you did not plan on.

Would some extra protection come in handy? You bet it would. But it would have to be some sort of Magic. Because only Magic can get you out of trouble, when nothing else can help.

It’s time to try Magic!

I’m not saying that you should risk your life just for the fun of it. I’m not giving you any guarantee that this little Magic Spell will get you out unharmed.
But a little protection spell can do you absolutely no harm, if you are facing real danger.

Who says that witchcraft is not keeping pace with the times? Of course it is! It always did! It does not have to be old fashioned, tangled in cobwebs and creepy!
I mean - modern witches cook their magic potions in a microwave! And why not? It’s not a musty cave and the rusted old cauldron, which makes Magic come alive. It’s the power and the experience of the witch that does it. Or – in this case, a wizard.

So even if you are not completely sure, try a little bit of Magic through this protection spell. You have nothing to lose. And when it works, - as it will, - WOW. You came through with only a little bit of secret magic help. Who will ever know?

Yes, this is a real, real Magic spell, conjured by sixth generation wizard Charodan, who is resident wizard at How cool is that? Absolutely real, genuine magic!

After you download it, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the spell. All you have to do, is to:

*** Believe that the spell will work for you.

*** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about the dangerous situation you are getting yourself into. This is important, because you need to broadcast into the Universe what sort of protection you seek.

*** Shake the iPhone a few times, like you are trying to shake the spell out of it.

*** Listen to the spell being spoken by your iPhone.

*** And face your situation with confidence. You have Charodan’s Magic at your side.

So if you really need some protection in whatever stupid thing you are contemplating undertaking, get some Magic on your side. You can cast your spell within minutes, and you can use it again and again. It lasts forever.

Hey – that sounds Magic!

Well, - of course it does, because it is!
What are you waiting for?

Take Action now!

It's time to try Magic!