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Gorilla Monkey Crunch Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Gorilla Monkey Crunch Lite has now hit the the number 1 Kids Game in 10 countries; the Dominican Republic, India, Slovakia, UAE, Madagascar, Egypt, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Czech Republic and Israel.

★ Top 25 Kids Games in 32 stores inc France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and China.

☆Game Play video and

☆ Got kids then get them this game, they will love it. - ipodtouchappandcasereviews 10/10

☆"..check out Gorilla Monkey Crunch. The game is as fun as the name..At $.99 you're paying for something to entertain you and this will certainly get the job done!" - 4.25 / 5 etch-reviews

☆ Notable iPhone Game Releases for 11/25/09 - 11/26/09 - Dallas iPhone Games Examiner

☆..both fun and difficult. It’s the type of game app that will appeal to both youngsters, adults, and 80’s arcade style game enthusiasts. -

Gorilla Monkey Crunch Lite takes you into the world of Gunter the Gorilla who dances and jumps on his bridge deep in a tropical forest. Gunter's bridge overhangs a river that has very animated Monkeys floating past on rafts. Hear them scream. Gunter is very mischievous. He throws coconuts at the Monkeys in an attempt to knock them off of their rafts. But being an ape he sometimes misses and the coconuts are re-launched at Gunter, often breaking the bridge. Now things get tricky, Gunter has to jump over the gaps in the bridge and the bananas that the Monkeys throw up onto the bridge. And he has to do all this before the timer runs out. Fortunately for Gunter he has some tools to help him. He has the timers that randomly appear to extend his time and the toolkits that float down the river that he can hit with the coconuts that will fix the bridge.

Gorilla Monkey Crunch features open-ended game play which means that as long as you get the timers and have Gorilla lives remaining you could play forever.

Sound easy? Well prepare to have your ego bruised. In testing the Leaderboard champion was a 6 year old with 6100 points. You can compare your score and post results to Facebook and Twitter using the OpenFeint Global Leaderboard feature. (paid version only- not available in the free edition)


☆ Tilt the device to move the Gorilla left or right on the bridge
☆ Tap the drop coconut Gorilla button to drop the coconuts on the Monkeys
☆ Tap the jump Gorilla button to jump the Gorilla over the bridge gaps and bananas
☆ Score points for clobbering Monkeys, Tookit hits and timer take ups.

☆ Accelerometer controlled Gorilla moves
☆ Hilarious Real Gorilla and Monkey Sound Effects
☆ Open Ended Game Play - no time limits - if you get timers and have lives left
☆ Fun for all ages - the game can be mastered by a child, teenager or adult
☆ Post results to Facebook and Twitter using the OpenFeint Global Leaderboard feature. (paid version only- not available in the free edition)
☆ Local High Scores (lite and full versions)
☆ Turn the background music on and off
☆ Resume your game if interrupted (paid version only- not available in the free edition)