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Anytime Hexa

iPhone / iPad
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  • Puzzle
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★ Anytime Tiles - A simple and addictive block puzzle.

This application is a Hexa game.


- Rotation / Move / Drop control by touch.
- Splendid Block-Explosion animation.
- Use Meteor Attack by shaking iPhone / iPod Touch.
- Increase a number of Meteor after 3 or more times consecutive explosion.
- Provide various patterns of blocks.
- Provide Arcade and Time-Attack Modes.
- Provide Easy, Original and Hard Levels.
- Provide the World Ranking.
- Provide Automatic Save and Resume.
- Pause/Resume with the Sleep/Awake Button.

1. Game Purpose
If falling blocks are connected 3 or more each in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction, they will be disappeared by explosion.
It is the game that gets more scores by eliminating more blocks as possible as you can.

2. Game Type
2-1. Arcade Mode
The game is over after a screen is full with blocks without a time limit.
In Arcade Mode, you can use Meteor Attack in an emergency.
Your Meteor count will increase by 1 after 3 times more consecutive explosion.

2-2. Time Attack Mode
You can play a game for 300 seconds.
In Time Attack Mode, we don't provide Meteor Attack.

3. Game Levels
3-1. Easy
Total 5 different type of blocks is used.

3-2. Original
Total 6 different type of blocks is used.

3-3. Hard
Total 7 different type of blocks is used, and the pattern of the block is more complicated.
You can see also similar colors of blocks.

The pattern of the block is changed each game.

4. Play Method
4-1. Block Moving
If you drag a screen left or right with touching it, then the blocks will be moved.
You can touch and drag anywhere on the screen.

4-2. Block Rotation
If you tap a screen softly, then the arrangement of blocks will be changed.
You can touch anywhere on the screen.

4-3 Block Dropping
If you drag down a screen with touching it, the block will be dropped.
You can touch and drag anywhere on the screen.

4-4. Block Explosion
If 3 or more blocks stucked in the screen are same pattern in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction, then those blocks will be exploded.

4-5. Meteor Attack
If you shake iPhone / iPod Touch strongly from side to side, falling blocks will disappear and a burning Meteor will appear.
If you drop down a falling Meteor after moving it left or right, the same pattern of the block as the block which hits by a falling Meteor will be exploded.

4-6 Level Up
In Arcade game, one level is increased whenever 50 blocks are eliminated.
In Time Attack game, one level is increased whenever 25 blocks are eliminated.
As the level is higher, the speed of a falling block is faster and the earned score is higher when you eliminate blocks.

4-7. Score Earning
The earned score will be higher in case of your eliminating more blocks at once, continuously, and the higher level.