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The old school Tapper game is on iPhone now. Pouring a mug of beer, sliding it to your customer, catching empty mugs sent back from drinkers. You think this is an easy job? Well say that again after you have played this classic game.

iBeerTender is an addictive "fill-em-up" game where you play a multitasking bar tender with a job of serving beers to your customers. Slide up or down to get the tender running to the right table. Slide to the left to serve a beer. Remember one beer to one customer at a time and no broken mugs. Customers will keep asking for a refill until they walk away from your bar satisfied.

Two game modes:
• 20 Levels
The classic mode of the tapper game. Very challenging and fun.
• Survival ( Game Center )
Allows you to play against other awesome bar tenders world widely.

Some tips for those who want to win the final award. You need:
• Multi-tasking
• Good timing
• Be accurate
• Stay sharp and alert
• Good serving strategy
• A never give up attitude

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Valuable TIP

Once an advancing customer catches a mug of beer, he or she moves back some amount towards the entrance of your bar. You as a bar tender is responsible for judging whether your customer will leave or not. If not, You've got to fill a mug and slide it to your customer quickly the moment a customer is asking for a refill * OR * you can release a beer in advance while the customer is still moving backwards in which case you need to make sure the customer is about to ask for another beer again and he/she won't miss catching your beer sent in advance. Otherwise, you will keep serving the same drinker(s) over and over again eternally. Now you are ready and go satisfy your ever-thirsty customers!