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Test your money counting skills with MathCents. See if you can press the correct combination of coin buttons to equal the amount displayed on your iPhone or iPod Touch screen before the timer runs out. Counting money has never been so fun! MathCents is the perfect tool for teaching adults and children about American coins. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App.

MathCents is a fun game designed to help users learn money math skills using American coins.

There’s an amount being displayed on your screen….$ 2.37. Check the line up of coins below the amount. There’s a dollar coin, a quarter and a few others. Which combination of those coins adds up to $ 2.37? Think about it for a few seconds but don’t take too long because the timer is running! Got your answer? Great. Just press the coin buttons you think add up to the amount shown then see if you win.

If the answer you give MathCents is correct, you are rewarded with a quarter rolling across your screen and into your piggy bank. Just to make it ultra satisfying, you’ll actually get hear the coin drop. Job well done! You get to keep each quarter you win until you exit the game, too.

An incorrect answer gets you a large red “X” that shakes back and forth on the screen while your phone vibrates its displeasure. It’s an amusing action and you may be tempted to guess wrong, just for the fun of it.

Kids love playing the MathCents game. They have no idea that they are learning to identify American coins and add money. It’s a perfect way to educate and entertain them at the same time.

Adults who play MathCents become addicted to the challenge of beating the timer and trying to surpass their previous high scores of piggy bank quarters. Often times, it leads to a contest between friends.

MathCents includes an instruction screen, so anyone can quickly understand the rules of play for this fun game app.

* 1 Minute timed sessions
* Animated reward for each correct answer (quarters roll across the screen and drop into your piggy bank. The amount collected continues to accumulate during each round until you exit the game. Hear the realistic sound of the quarter as it drops into your piggy bank!
* Incorrect answers receive a large red "X" that shakes back and forth on the screen as the phone vibrates
* This is a very entertaining game for children learning how to solve real world money problems. It's entertaining even for adults. Even if you can calculate change amounts well you'll find that it can still be challenging to do it very quickly in order to post the best score
* An instruction screen is included
* Active developer anxious to add features as they are suggested

What could be better than an app that has rolled entertainment and education together in one attractive package? You can count on MathCents to provide that for and your family. Start having fun and learn about calculating change now. It’s easy. Just click on the Buy App button and it’s yours.