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VoteWatch “who is voting on what bills”

VoteWatch is an INDISPENSABLE TOOL for members of the news media, public officials, and all U.S. Citizens that desire to be become and always be fully informed regarding House and Senate Bills, nominations, VOTING, and VOTE results in Washington D.C.

VoteWatch provides complete LIVE AND UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION. Databases are built and populated, right on your iPhone and/or iPod touch, so you are NEVER disconnected. So, just in case your Wi-Fi or Internet connection is unavailable you have ALL the information in your personal databases with you at all times.

ACTIVE LEGISLATION - Bills that may received floor action this week:
VoteWatch provides you a table of ACTIVE LEGISLATION, the status, summary, and a direct connection to the Library of Congress web site for each bill. This allows you full and complete information including sponsor(s), related bills, latest majority action, house reports, CBO cost estimates, and much more. You can even read the actual text of the legislation, all within VoteWatch.

You are provided the ability to peruse ROLL CALL VOTE RESULTS, including nomination results, for the current as well as future congresses of votes taken TODAY within 20 minute intervals. This information is presented by custom color coded Roll Call Tables. You have the ability to search for specific bills and nominations along with all the amendments. You can go directly to a summary information screen as well as to the Library of Congress for complete details. With one touch you will have the complete color coded vote tally for each and every Senator for each bill and nomination.

VoteWatch provides you with the CONTACT INFORMATION for each and every Senator including, name, party affiliation, state, phone number, personal website address, and email address. You have the ability to access each Senators personal web site and email page within VoteWatch. This allows you to make a phone call and/or email any Senator right now.

VoteWatch provides you the complete capability to BECOME AND ALWAYS BE FULLY INFORMED regarding bills, nominations, and voting in Washington D.C. and it is so EASY.