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Physics Calculator

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NOTE! Does not work with iOS 8, please do not purchase this unless you're using iOS 7 or earlier operating systems. We are actively working to resolve this issue.

Simplify your life with Physics Calculator! Tired of doing long
projectile-motion calculations, or elastic collisions in one-dimension
Want a fast and easy answer, or are you just looking to check your work? Physics Calculator can help!
Physics Calculator contains twelve distinct calculators, all engineered to save you time and effort.
The projectile-motion calculator allows for three types of
calculations on a horizontal plane: you can enter velocity and launch
angle(and the calculator will tell you time of flight, range, and
maximum height), or you can enter range and initial velocity(and the
calculator will tell you the launch angle- two of them when
applicable- both times of flight, and max height), or you can enter
the launch angle and the range, and the calculator will tell you
velocity, flight time, and max height.

There's also a quadratic equation solver! Leave that pesky calculation
to us- it even works with imaginary roots.

The calculator for one-dimensional elastic collisions does all of the
work for you- just enter the pre-collision conditions and leave the
rest to the calculator.

There's a series circuit calculator: just enter number of resistors, the resistance of the individual resistors,
the voltage of the power source, and the calculator will tell you power dissipated by the entire circuit, voltage drop across each
resistor, resistance of the entire circuit, and current through the

There's also a parallel circuit calculator which works similarly to
the series circuit calculator.

There's a gas density calculator- you can enter temperature in degrees F or C, pressure in atmospheres or kPa!

We offer an R-C circuit calculator, for the resistor and the capacitor in series with a power source.
There's a satellite motion calculator! And there's a calculator for inelastic collisions in one dimension!
And a special relativity calculator- and a thin-lens(concave and
convex!) calculator!
Whether you're a physics fan, expert, or beginner, we have something for you. Interested in the trends? Play with the numbers and see what happens. Want to check your homework answers? We have you
covered. Want to amaze your friends at a party? You get the idea.
Happy calculating!