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Go! HSK (HSK vocabulary builder + Voice)

iPhone / iPad
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Go! HSK is the best tool that can help you pass the HSK(a.k.a Chinese proficiency Test) test.

*8,828* VOICE for every word
Not a single one is missed
All recorded by native speaker

View Mode, tap to hear
In view mode, you can enjoy the words flowing on the screen like the clouds flowing in the sky.
Just like you're looking up a word in a dictionary randomly, view mode gives you several random HSK words, maybe you know, maybe you don't. Never mind, the point is, are you interesting in that word?If you do, tap the word to see the Pinyin and the explanation. If not, just let it go.

Remember to tap the speaker to hear the pronunciation at any time you want.

Quiz Mode, tap to toggle
In quiz mode, shake your device at any time to toggle between quiz and learn.
Well designed interface make your learning so easy, just tap, tap, tap...
You can use the sticky note to cover the explanation.

Tap the speaker to toggle the pronunciation.

- Include 8,828 HSK vocabulary for all levels.
- Real voice recorded by native speaker.
- View and quiz mode.
- Rechallenge the errors in the past quiz.
- Supoort Simplified/Traditional Chinese
- Support English/Japanese meaning for words.

- Lean left the body to accelarate the flowing speed in view mode.
- Lean right the body to slow down the flowing speed in view mode.
- Shake to toggle between Quiz and Peep in quiz mode.

[UI Language Support]
- English
- Japanese