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Know God's Love Meditation and Visualization

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Affirmations and meditation are made for each other. As you relax your body and focus your mind, the affirmations gently infuse your mind. Sit and listen passively and absorb the words into your consciousness or use them as the focus for your meditation. After just a few meditations with this recording, you will experience the affirmations as regularly recurring thoughts in your mind. This track is designed specifically for a 15-minute meditation.

This app also includes a inspirational slide-show of images that will help you become one with God and feel the Love of God.

Many people feel a need during the course of a day to experience a greater connection to God. These affirmations are specifically written to heighten your sense of connection with God as you go through your day.

This track is designed to remind you that God is there for you every minute of every day and in every situation. Sit back, relax, and allow the gentle pulse of the music combined with soothing theta waves to bring you into contact with the divine.

The track contains three primary affirmations repeated multiple times in both the first person and second person for maximum effectiveness. The primary affirmations are mixed with the repeating interlude "God's Love Flows" which repeats 39 times throughout the track.

The primary affirmations are:

1. God's love flows through my entire being each and every moment all day long. God's love flows through your entire being each and every moment all day long. (repeats 18 times)
2. Wherever I go God is always there for me! Wherever you go God is always there for you! (Repeats 6 times)
3. I know for sure that God always answers my prayers! You know for sure that God always answers your prayers!
(Repeats 6 times)

We take four of the best scientifically proven ways for programming the subconscious mind: self-hypnosis, binaural beat entrainment, subliminal recording, affirmations, and combine it with our patent-pending Presence induction method.

Presence induction is designed to make you very present and "in the now", the state which spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says is vital to be in when you create with thoughts. From this state you create not only for yourself but for the greater good, and without generating Karma. Otherwise anything you create will be temporary and not satisfying. No other company adds this to their applications.