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Buck Humidity Calculator

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The brainchild of Buck Research Instruments, Buck Humidity Calculator is a simple tool that allows you to do humidity calculations and conversions of dew point, mixing ratio, vapor pressure, relative and absolute humidity.

Visit for more information about humidity and how it is measured!

Dew / Frost Point (°C or °F)
Dew / Frost Point (supercooled below 0°C or 32°F)
g/kg (air)
g/m³ Absolute Humidity
PPMw (air)
% Moisture
%RH Relative Humidity
Vapor Pressure (mbar, mmHg, Pa, psia)
Pressure (psia, psig, Atm, Bar, mbar, hPa, kPa, inHg, Torr, mmHg, Dyne/cm², kg/cm²)
Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit)

Buck Humidity Calculator uses vapor pressure formulations developed by A. Buck (1981).