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iPhone / iPad
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Mice, invading your space and eating your cheese. They think they own the place!
Now it's your turn to retaliate. Squish them, splat them, destroy them all!

-4 Game modes
-6 mouse types
-5 ways to dispatch a mouse
-2 hit bonuses
-Scrollable game area
-Accelerometer control

-Splat A Rat: offers you 4 game modes in which to cause havoc to the fuzzy vermin.

-Kill Kill Kill: It's as simple as it sounds, you have 60 seconds to lay waste to the population of furry rodents as they scurry about. Use a piece of cheese to draw our furry friends together for maximum slaughter but be careful as you only have 3 pieces per game and once they're gone they're gone.

-Save the Cheese: Splatter the sneaky rodents as they try to steal all 15 pieces of your cheese. Once the mice remove all your cheesy pieces from the game area they win and its all over for you.

-Population Control: Squish the mice as they swarm in from all sides but squish 'em quick because once there are 60 mice scurrying around is game over!

-Zombie Attack game: Protect the 20 normal mice from the zombies for as long as you can. Once all your mice have turned it's game over. O' and try not to kill anything that isn't a zombie.

-Splat A Rat: offers you 6 types of mouse to whack.

-Normal: It's just a mouse!
-Armored: A mouse in a suit of armor. Knock off the helmet or backplate to expose its squishy mousy body.
-Gas: Carrying a canister of poisoned gas is dangerous especially for our furry friends. Splat this mouse to unleash a lethal cloud of toxic fumes.
-Dynamite: One tap and boom! Proper mousy carnage.
-Rocket: Set off the rocket strapped to this mouse and he'll bounce through the others, killing as he goes. Once lit rockets are dangerous and hitting them again will make them go boom!
-Zombie mice: These pesky undead pests can only be killed by a smack to the head and you must be quick as each living mouse touched by a zombie can become one of them. It gets worse, zombies aren't worth any points.

-Splat A Rat: offers you 5 ways of dispatching a mouse.

-Head: Flatten its head
-Left Ribs: Crunch its left ribs
-Right Ribs: Squash its right ribs
-Tail: Crush its rear end
-Dead Centre: Totally obliterate the pesky vermin, no pun intended!

-Splat A Rat: offers you 2 hit bonuses

-Head Hunter: Consecutively hit 5 mice in the head to activate the head hunter bonus. You then receive 5x the points for each subsequent mouse you kill with a head shot. Miss the head and lose the bonus.
-Rib Cracker: Consecutively hit 5 mice in either the left or right ribs to activate the rib cracker bonus. You then receive 5x the points for each subsequent mouse you kill with a rib shot. Miss the ribs and lose the bonus.