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Biorhythms - Scientifically Sanitized

There is a fundamental flaw with the usual biorhythm approach, namely the assertion that biological clocks such as those governing the cyclical variations in our physical, emotional, and intellectual well being keep ticking with absolute accuracy and stability over decades. This is difficult to believe even for non-scientists. A 1% uncertainty in the stability of these clocks would result into drastically different patterns by the time one reaches adulthood.

But there is nothing wrong with expecting periodic, more or less regular, ups and downs in the way we feel and perform.

The approach here eliminates this flaw. Instead of relying on your time of birth and an unrealistic reliability of your biological clocks we directly determine where you happen to be RIGHT NOW on each one of the three cyclical curves via the sophisticated method developed by physicist Theodore Modis and described in his book Street Science.

The cyclical pattern of the biorhythms closely resembles the bell-shaped life cycle of a natural growth process (S-curve). The four growth phases of the cyclical pattern have been likened to the four seasons, a resemblance that can be exploited to yield behaviors best suited for each season (see Theodore Modis’s book Conquering Uncertainty).

A simple questionnaire is used to determine your position in each cycle with a precision of half a season by leveraging the sensitivity ingrained in the 2nd mathematical derivative of the S-curve. Once you know your position on each cycle you can you can consult what traditional biorhythm theory has to say or you can read here our own interpretation based on the four-seasons model mentioned earlier.