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Affirmation Spell – Quit Smoking Magic

iPhone / iPad
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I know how hard it is. Giving up smoking. You tried so many times, and you are not weak. Not at all! It’s that damn smoking habit, which is so strong! It’s actually not possible for a normal person to beat it. I know that some people have done it, but I don’t know how. They must have had some magic help, because it can’t be done otherwise. You know! You tried!

You know you need to stop, but it’s not at all easy without some help. Bad habits have such a nasty hold on people!

But – if there was a way to break that horrible habit, that would surely have to be magic!

Exactly! Magic!
A Magic Spell, cast for you by a real wizard or a white witch. That would do it for sure!

And you are lucky today, because you have such a magic spell right here, in front of you, as an iPhone app.

Yes, this is a real Magic spell, created for you by Vicki Mitchell, who is a resident Mystic at How cool is that? An absolutely real, genuine magic spell!

After you download it, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the spell. All you have to do, is to:

*** Believe that the spell will work for you.

*** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about how much better your life will be, when you stop wasting your money and health on cigarettes.
*** Follow the prompts to activate your spell.

*** Listen to the spell being spoken by your iPhone.

*** Go and have some fun without smoking.

*** Get a life!

Cast the spell every time you feel the urge to smoke, or you are going to some place where others will be smoking. It lasts forever.

That sounds Magic!
Well, - of course it does, because it is!
What are you waiting for?

Take Action now! Time to get some Magic protection and banish that stupid habit of yours!