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PosturePad turns your iPhone into an omnidirectional controller for use in a PostureBase of the PostureNetwork. Access to a PostureBase is required to make use of PosturePad. For more info about the Posture platform, visit

About the Posture platform

Posture is an immersive telepresence platform for socializing in virtual worlds. By using multi-camera recording techniques to capture participants and single channel immersive projection to render the scenes, it invites visitors inside shared virtual landscapes where participants see each others in 360° video. The Posture platform is thus able to restore non-verbal communication and the laws of proxemics (Hall, 1966) to greatly enrich the social experience in virtual reality.

The PostureNetwork is an internet based server-client architecture connecting a number of PostureBases (displays capable of immersive projection and 360° video capture) from which visitors, equipped with the iPhone’s PosturePad, can explore virtual worlds and engage with one another as if they were in the same physical space. The server constantly updates all connected bases (clients) with the position and 360° video appearance of every participant. This allows for participants to see each other in their relative position and orientation in real-time and to make use of the conventions of body positioning in space and of finer body language as communication tools.

The PostureBase is developed form the Panoscope 360°, a single channel hemispheric projection system, to which has been added an array of cameras positioned horizontally around the participant; streams from these cameras are multicasted in real-time to all other bases and used to compose the photographic likeness of each participant in their relative position. This allows participant in virtual proximity to converse as if they were standing next to one another. Speakers are used to render the soundscape within the projection space; headphones with microphones are used for verbal communication.

After enabling the Wi-Fi connection, PosturePad automatically connects to the PostureBase when launched. It can then be used from within to freely explore the virtual space and to engage naturally with other visitors.

A number of worlds are being developed for the Posture platform. If some are designed for work or for play, they always make good use of the socialization capabilities of the Posture platform.

Posture Pad operating instructions

Because PosturePad requires a compass, it can only be used on the iPhone. Access to a PostureBase is also required to make use of PosturePad. For more information about the Posture platform, visit

Before launching Posture Pad, enable Wi-Fi in the iPhone Settings and ensure that you are connected to the local Posture network. After launching PosturePad, you will be asked to select a PostureBase.

To move around the virtual world displayed inside the PostureBase, point the arrow in the desired direction and slide your thumb along to move forward or backward. Speed is slowest near the base of each arrow and fastest at the tip. Removing the thumb from the screen surface stops movement.