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Decent Japanese Travelling Communicator (Lite)

iPhone / iPad
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. Selected by Apple's App Store for Popular Travel Destinations: Japan "Travel Tools" app!

. 蘋果 App Store 選為流行目的地:日本 「旅行工具」 app!

. Full version of this app is awarded the DFA Merit Recognition for Design for Asia Award 2010!

. 本app完全版榮獲「亞洲最具影響力設計大獎」2010 的 優秀設計獎!

. Can runs on Apple Watch independently, no needs for iPhone connection once installed (except when playing the dialog with the iPhone speaker)!

. 可獨立在 Apple Watch 上運作,安裝後無須與 iPhone 連線(用 iPhone 喇叭讀出對話時除外)!

Full version of this app was:
#1 Travel App in Hong Kong & Macau!
Top Paid Travel Apps in Hong Kong & Macau for over 1 year!
Top Travel App in Taiwan & China.

Reviews and Comments
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"The most awesome feature is the answer mode will help a lot when travel. the interface is so simple and easy to use."
ek519, iTunes U.S. Store

"While I haven't learnt Japanese, I adore this simple, useful and beautiful app. I hope that it would help iPhone fans who are learning Japanese or are planning to travel to Japan~ Score: (4 out of 5 stars)
Fun iPhone 愛瘋玩家,Taiwan

「雖然我沒有在學習日文,但非常喜歡這簡單、實用又有美感的程式,希望對學習日文或正想去日本旅遊的iPhone迷們有幫助喔~」 評分:(4 out of 5)
Fun iPhone 愛瘋玩家,Taiwan

This is an application designed to help you communicate with local Japanese "decently" and "bi-directionally" when you are traveling in Japan.

Normal phrase book apps are "uni-direction": you can only express what you want to say, but its hard to understand the response from the locals. Moreover, due to the cultural differences, some of the phrases are not "appropriate" to say in regard to the situation. This app lists out the most often used dialogs for a place as well as the likely responses to help on "bi-directional" communication!



. Bi-directional dialogs for both you and the person you are communicating with.
. Freehand sketch pad to jog down/type/paste Japanese terms, map direction, illustrations etc for communication.
. Real voiceover of dialogs by native Japanese speaker.
. Cultural difference reminder notes to help you enjoy your stay in Japan better.
. Supported both English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Romaji translation.
. App run locally, no internet connection required.

. 付自由手寫版功能:以手趾寫、打、剪貼字(如地方名)畫圖(如地圖)幫助溝通。
. 不失禮游日貼市幫你避免文化不同做成的尷介。
. 支援繁簡體中文、英文及羅馬字拼音。
. 本軟件一但安裝後便不雖連接網落使用。