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Daytime Affirmations on Loving Exercise

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Can you imagine yourself saying the words, “I love to exercise?” It you really want to change the way you think about exercise and even improve the benefits you get from exercising then Daytime Affirmations are the key.

Daytime Affirmations are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative. These recordings are developed and recorded by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherpist. As half-hour scripts from a full hypnosis session, they provide positive affirmations without any music or relaxation suggestions. Daytime hypnosis reinforces and affirms the power of hypnosis - during the daytime! iPhone users can play these affirms throughout the day to empower themselves.

There is no question in anyone’s mind that exercise is good for you. Yet so many people simply hate to exercise. Many people actually view exercise as drudgery and would rather put up with the health consequences of not getting enough. However, if you have been told by a doctor or have come to recognize that you do need exercise to stay healthy, then getting motivated to do it and then learning to love it are what comes next.

You may have tried all different types of exercises in the hopes of finding something that will click with you. Perhaps it is walking, riding a bike, swimming, or more recreational movement such as dancing or playing an organized sport. Still, it you don’t find enjoyment from exercise then there is something in the mindset that is preventing it from happening. That is because exercise releases endorphins that create a euphoric feeling and make you want to come back for more.

Daytime Affirmations work by first helping you to relax. You may be thinking at this point that sure beats exercise! After getting the mind and body into a completely relaxed, responsive state, Daytime Affirmations can effectively train the mind to want to exercise. After all, your mind already knows that exercise is good for you and your body is going to respond to it in a positive way. Affirmations build on that knowledge.

In his program, "I Love to Exercise," Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is able to help you get into a state of mind and relaxation where the messages you need to trigger action can become a part of the way you think and truly feel. Daytime Affirmations can really turn a couch potato into a person who craves movement and loves to exercise.