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Mindful Bite

iPhone / iPad
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Mindful Bite - The Mindful Eating Helper


This purpose of this application is to help eaters slow down between bites, and remind them to stop eating when they are no longer hungry, thereby reducing unwanted calories.

Mindful Bite has two functions that can help users become a mindful eater:

1 Take the Next Bite

Every thirty to sixty seconds, Mindful Bite flashes a signal to let you know to take your next bite. The signal can be a light, a tone, or a vibration. If you are still chewing when the signal flashes, wait until the next signal to take your next bite.

2 Evaluate Hunger and Satisfaction Level

Every five minutes, the signal flashes rapidly several times to prompt you to evaluate your hunger and satisfaction level.

Start by using the settings to select how the signal will alert you; a light, a tone, a vibration or any combination. Next set the desired times between bits.

Select Done to return to main page. When you're ready to start eating, press the triangle. The light will turn red, and in thirty to sixty seconds (depending on your setting), the light will turn green for about 3 seconds, acommpanied by the tone and vibration if you selected those.

If you are chewing when the alert signals, wait until the next signal to take your next bite. If this happens often, you may want to increase the time interval between bites in the settings menu.

While you're chewing, think about how the food tastes and feels. This makes you more aware of what you're eating and helps you recognize when you are satisfied.