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Navigator 360+Zip code of Japan

iPhone / iPad
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The main function of this application is the same as 360 Navigator, but in this application you can search ZIP Code of Japan and locate the place.

From Ver3.0 you can download the zip code data which are changed every month directly from Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. Please touch the update button once every month if you want use the latest zip code.

It is powered by map and Local searching service, it can help you to find the information about not only the place around you but also the place you want to go or you like.

Main features:

1, Search any place registered in map application or Zip Code of Japan (by index or inputting ZipCode, kanji/kana).

2, Show the searching results on the map, or return to current location of you after your searching.
3, Can change map style to what you like.
4, Can run in navigator mode, so that your device will become a GPS navigator, you can invoke the default Maps application in searching result screen, and show the route to your terminal. if alarm is on, the alarm will be invoked when go near the bookmarked place.

5, Can sent the place by mail, with map image attached or not.
6, Can put your favorite place to bookmark.
7, Call a phone directly and display the detail of each searched result.
8, For any place in the map, you can get the following information inside the searching range(The searching key words can be customized or grouped by you)

a) Neighborhood Stations

b) Gourmet(Restaurant, Ramen, Chinese food, Italian food, Japanese food, Sushi, Belt-conveyor sushi, Roasted meat, Okonomiyaki, Family restaurant, etc)

c) Shopping(Superstore, Department store, Convenience store, Home Center, Dollar store, Outlet mall, Resale shop, Bookstore, Pet shop, Electric appliance, Flower Shop, Secondhand book, Clothing shop, Musical instrument store)

d) Sightseeing, lodging(Hotel, Budget hotel, Capsule hotel, Hot spring, Ryokan, Pensione, Travel agency)

e) Leisure, outing(Library, Art museum, Museum, Zoo, Amusement park, Aquarium, Park, Church, Temple, Campground, Theater, Ranch, etc)

f) Sports (Driving range, Golf course, Tennis court, Baseball field, Batting Center, Bowling alley, Sports club, etc)

g) Road, traffic (Parking lot, Bicycle parking lot, Filling station, Rent a car, Roadside station, Subway)

h) Bank, mail(Post office, Bank, Credit union)

i) Hospital, health(Hospital, Dental, Eye Hospital, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and gynecology, Internal medicine, etc)

j) Beauty, hygiene (Beauty parlor, Hairdressing, Beauty salon, Nail salon, Cleaning, Coin laundry, Hot spring, etc)

k) Education, child care(Nursery school, Kindergarten, Elementary school, Junior high school, etcl)

l) Administration (Firefighting station, Police, Government office, Water service station, Legal Affairs Bureau, Public health center)

m)Real estate (Condominium, Apartment, Real estate)

n)Ceremonial occasion (Marriage ceremonial hall, Funeral service, Cemetery)

1, All the searching results and name shown on the map are based on the Local Searching service and Map Service.

2, We can not handle all region format while add the address information to your contracts, please edit the data to satisfy you in the contacts application.

3, Some old devices may not have enough resource to finish the data update process. Please restart it after update finished.

Language: English, Japanese, Chinese