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A useful calculation and decoding tool for professional pilots.
Quick and easy entry and instant calculation for all values. Built-in help page for every part of the program.

Calculation of cross- and head/tail-wind components. Choose magnetic or true wind direction and knots or meters per second for wind speed. Enter East-West variation.
Set your own cross- and tail-wind limits according to aircraft specification.

Decoding of MOTNE runway report
Decoding of 8 digit runway reports (new and old format) and built-in decoding of russian friction coefficient.

Decoding of TAF turbulence and icing reports
Decoding of 6 digit turbulence and icing reports used in TAFs.

Altitude Corrections
Calculation of true altitude from indicated altitude, considering temperature, pressure and wind influence over mountains.
Calculation of minimum useable flight level MUFL from minimum terrain clearance altitude, considering temperature, pressure and elevation.

Cold Temperature Corretions
Apply cold temperatur corrections (from 0° to -50°C) for 4 published altitudes to get indicated altitudes.

Helpful tool to interpolate values out of given complex data tables. Double interpolation of two values possible (e.g. calculate landing distance by interpolation of elevation and gross weight).