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Sum and Substance; Criminal Procedure by Professor Joshua Dressler

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Study Any Time, Anywhere, With the Top Law Professors in the Country. With Sum & Substance you get dynamic lectures from gifted law professors whose years of teaching experience enable them to express even the most complex ideas clearly and succinctly. Listen to lectures anywhere, at your convenience - while commuting, exercising, or even running errands.

Professor Joshua Dressler is the Edwin M. Cooperman Designated Professor of Law at Ohio State University College of Law. He has taught Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure for over 30 years, receiving "Best Professor" awards for teaching at various law schools. He is an internationally recognized scholar, author of widely adopted casebooks in the fields of criminal law and procedure, and is the author of student-popular treatises in both subject areas.

Criminal Procedure by Professor Dressler introduces the Fourth Amendment and discusses retroactivity, harmless error, and incorporation. It includes an issue checklist and examines the Katz search doctrine. It analyzes various surveillance and search methods and covers the exclusionary rule, entrapment, interrogations, pretrial procedures, trial, and the right to counsel.

Table of Contents
1.Retroactive Doctrine
2.Harmless Error Doctrine
3.Incorporation Doctrine
4.Fourth Amendment Overview
5."Persons, Houses, Paper, Effects"
6.What is a "Search"?
7.What is a "Seizure"?
8.Probably Cause
9.Search Warrants
10.Arrest Warrants
11.Warrant Exceptions:
-Search Incident to Lawful Arres
-Cars and Containers Therein
-Inventory Searches
-Plain View, Consent
-Terry vs. Ohio Doctrine
-Terry is Extended
-Check Points and Other Special Governmental Needs
13.Exclusionary Rule
14.Exam-Taking Hints
16.Police Interrogations:
-Due Process Clause
-Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
-Miranda vs. Arizona
18.Custodial Interrogation
19.Waiver Exception to Miranda
20.Exclusionary Rule
22.Discussion of Miranda
23.Police Interrogation: Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel
24.Lineups and Other Identification Procedure
25.Right to Counsel at Trial