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Searchy is an in-browser, in-page search tool that picks up where many other browser apps have left off.
Simply put, we do one thing and do it well: We allow you to search inside of Web pages. Well, we do a little more than that, like allow you to customize the search highlight color (4 new colors), save a history of previous URLs and searches, and more!
If you're looking for a fast, no-nonsense way to search within Web pages, then Searchy is your man!

Searchy 2 is a 100% rewrite of our popular iPhone version, with some very sweet customizations. The new search highlight colors are the best we've found in any app to-date. Gone are the bland yellow javascript hacks - now we show your matches in a much more desktop-like richness!
Also, we've found many other browser apps remove your search results when you navigate around a page - very irritating if you want to keep them up-front. We won't remove your searches until YOU say so!

Finally, Searchy 2 does its best to "get out of the way." We use a minimal menu bar, hiding navigation bars until you ask for them, URL bars and the rest.

** Notices **
1. I cannot respond to comments left (reviews). If you have a question/issue, please also e-mail the support address. I don't mind comments, but if you'd like assistance, I need to hear from you.
2. Searchy is *NOT* a browser plug-in (beyond bookmarklets, there's no such thing). Searchy is a standalone browser with highly-tuned searching injected. We are similar to the many other browser applications, except our in-page searching blows them all away.
3. Updates are coming - they'll come faster with your feedback (comments or e-mails).