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KingDrinker lets you go head to head against up to 5 of your friends to see who can perform the sobriety test the best as the drinks start to flow. The test is scored on a curve based on the BAC of the competitors.

At KingDrinker's core is one of the most powerful BAC calculators on the app store, but more on that later (skip a few sections if you can't wait). Although the BAC calculator can be used standalone, KingDrinker is first and foremost a drinking game app.

I'm sure the real drinkers and frat party kings reading this description have experienced the kind of situation that led to this game's creation. You know the deal, you are pounding back the ice beer like it's going out of style and the next day, after you've conquered more than one man's fair share, some namby-pamby who nursed the same 40oz for the whole party brags about how he out drank you because he didn't pass out. You weren't out drank! You were out sobered! KingDrinker is your chance to prove that.

Everyone starts KingDrinker sober and performs a very simple test. During the test, random colored dots will appear on the screen. If a green dot appears, touch it as quickly as possible. The app judges your motor skills, reaction time, and judgement, by measuring how quickly you react, how close to the dot you get, and how many times you hit the wrong color.

As the participants drink, they input their consumption into the powerful BAC calculator and retake the test after every few drinks. The real drinkers will perform better at higher BAC's and show those drink nursers once and for all who out drank whom. The app displays the performance degradation of each player from their sober score as well as a game score which is graded on the curve, with the most drunk player setting the bar. Players who don't drink enough to show intoxication have a game score of N/A.

So what makes KingDrinker's BAC calculator so amazing? The difference is that it calculates each drink in real time as you drink it. Imagine a case with the other BAC calculators on the app store. During your drinking session you drink one beer the first hour, then don't drink again until the fourth hour, when you drink 6 beers. In reality, you have drank 6 beers in 1 hour, but the program is going to calculate 7 beers in a 4 hour period. That means the other program is going to return a BAC for less than 2 beers per hour. The other BAC program has returned a result which would falsely convince you that you are safe to drive by a big margin. No BAC program can give tests as accurate as a blood test, and none should be used as a determination of driving ability, but KingDrinker's BAC calculator will provide you with a much safer estimate than other, less sophisticated programs will.

To use the BAC calculator by itself and skip the game, read the instructions in the help tab of the application. Remember to input each drink as soon as you finish it for the most accurate results.