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Do you play a transposing instrument?
Or do you read music of a transposing instrument?
Do you write music transposing from original music, when you arrange music?

This app helps you to read music transposing to another key. It's easy to use. It has two music view. Both view can be changed its key by flicking to left or right.
Tapping an upper view, it indicates a note where you tap, and sound. At the same time, a lower view also indicates a transposed note in a lower's key.
Selecting "b/none/#", tapped position's note will be higher or lower by a halftone than "none".
Selecting "Upper/Lower, it decides which view's note will sound.

Concrete examples of how to use.
-Case 1: You want to make a new music transposing from an original music.
Set an upper view an original music key.
Set a lower view a key what you want to transpose.
Tapping original notes in upper view, you can get transposed notes in lower view.

-Case 2: You want to play a common sheet music by clarinet in Bb.
Flick lower view 2 times to #-direction from a upper view. Set sound "Upper".
Tap a note you want to play, then you can get a note for clarinet in Bb.

-Case 3: You want to know an actual note and pitch watching part of clarinet in Bb
Flick a lower view 2 times to b-direction from upper view. Set sound "Lower".
Tap a note written in clarinet part, then you can get a actual note.