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Food Storage and Shelf Life takes the guesswork out of where to store your food and how long it will remain fresh. It also provides detailed information about selecting and storing fruits and vegetables, and the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

Whether you are at the grocery store or in your kitchen this application will provide you with information that will help you select, store and consume great tasting food every day.

Features Include:

Storage and shelf life information for over 350 food products

Examples include:

How long you should freeze ground beef.

How long dry spices remain fresh.

How long condiments and salad dressings remain fresh.

How long you should keep canned goods.

How long ice cream will remain fresh in the freezer.

Is it OK to drink milk after the expiration date?

Pictures of more than 60 fruits and vegetables.

How to select more than 60 fruits and vegetables.

How long fruits and vegetables remain fresh.

When fruits and vegetables are in season.

Where to store fruits and vegetables.

Examples include:

Should you store tomatoes in the refrigerator?

Where should you store potatoes?

In what type of container should you store mushrooms?

Nutritional information for more than 60 fruits and vegetables.

Shelf life for dozens of non-food items like gum and suntan lotion.


Shelf life for food may vary depending on how the food was stored before it was purchased it, how long it took to transport it, where it is stored after being purchased and the temperature of the storage location.

Never consume food you think may be unfit for consumption. WHEN IN DOUBT THROW IT OUT!

The season information for fruits and vegetable is based on seasons in the United States of America. Seasonal availability is general and may vary from region to region and state to state.


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