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Word Helper

iPhone / iPad
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Are you a fan for Words with Friends or Scrabble?
Are you sometimes getting stuck thinking you can't make any word with your letters?

Word Helper can help you.
When you think you're stuck, simply take a screenshot of your current game by quickly pressing the power button on top and the home button at the same time, you will see a quick flash which means a screenshot has been taken.
Then open up Word Helper and tap on Load Board's Picture to select your screenshot from your camera roll, the app will automatically process the picture to capture your tiles and the board area to ease your research and letter entry.
Now, you may type in your letters into the appropriate space, the app will automatically search for words as soon as you hit the Search button on the keyboard.
At this point, you will see all the possible words you can make with your letters but you might have forgotten what the board looked like, so, simply hit the Load Board's Picture again to quickly toggle back to the screenshot you've previously loaded but this time you'll have the added bonus to have all the possible words you can make with your letters.
Are you seeing an extra letter from the board you can hook into?
Simply, tap the board to get back to the input area and type in the letter into the Extra Letters field.
Do you want a word that starts with that letter? Just toggle the switch on to reload the list of words starting with that letter.
Would you rather word that ends with this letter? Simply toggle the other switch on.

The iPad app works in a similar fashion except that there is no need to tap on the board's screenshot to enter letters.
The App caches your entries and results along with the previously selected board's screenshot, so, you don't have to worry about a phone call interrupting your search or some other notification.

Enjoy this Universal App which will work on all your mobile Apple devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using an optimized display for each device.

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Other features:
-Tap on a word to lookup its definition using a Google search
-The app prompts you to select the type of screenshot either Words with Friends or Scrabble, once you select a type the app will automatically recognize the same type of screenshot and calculate the points according to the game chosen.

Hint: if your screenshot doesn't seem to be captured properly it probably means that you didn't select the correct type when you were prompted, in order to resolve this issue just load up a different picture from your pictures roll which will make the app prompt again to select a type then select the type you're interested in fixing, then load up a screenshot from that game again, the app will prompt again but this time you will have the opportunity to select the correct type.

If you have any issues using the app, please contact me at and when you do please include, the type of device you're using, the version of iOS installed and any screenshot that might help along with a description of what is happening.