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Amazing MultiApp Free

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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This All In One Application includes.
Tap Fast Game
Spirit Level
Tip Calculator
GPS Location
Battery Data
EMF Meter

Weekend Sale:
Get 5 free Respect points for use in-app upgrades, Tap Fast Game, and future updates. Earn more points by completing the free in-app offers.

Get this application and enjoy free updates and upgrades. Many more features and apps are in the works!

Description of what you'll get for free once you've downloaded this amazing application.

Tap Fast (Game): A fun and simple game with one objective in mind. Find out if your the fastest button tapper in the world.
Via online Global rankings.

Pedometer: Will keep track of how many steps you have taken. Open the application and place it in your pocket.

Battery: Will show the user all the data that is relevant to the battery usage.

Spirit Level: is based on a highly refined engine with a slick look. This level app will automatically adjust to whatever position that you may need. Vertical, horizontal, and surface are all adjustable. Once calibrated this app will automatically save your settings and be ready to go every time you need it.

GPS Location: With this powerful application. You can view your current location, longitude, latitude, & altitude.
On one easy to read display. Along with this data. GPS Location will show your current location via satellite photography.
(Map image are supplied from Google map's therefore a internet connection is required for images.)

Tip Calculator: Will calculate tips based on the bill amount, bill split, and tip percentage. Tip Jar also has the ability to save each restaurant experience to a viewable "History" screen. You can even email the history details to your self or your boss. You'll be amazed how fast the totals add up.

EMF Meter: Uses the built in compass hardware to detect Magnetic fields.

Light: When you open Light for the first time, you'll see how easy it is use this well designed illuminating application.
Many uses for this type of app. For instance.
-Finding your way in a dark room in the middle of the night.
-Late night reading. In bed or on an Air plane so you wont disturb others nearby.
-Emergency lighting. When a Flashlight isn’t handy, you’ll have this app to illuminate your way to safety.

Optional Respect Points:You can earn or gain
"Respect Points" To show off in the leader boards in "Tap Fast (Game)" or show off to your friends.

For a detailed description of each app download "Amazing MultiApp FREE", and click on the (i).

Note: the EMF Meter app requires a iPhone 3GS. However the other Seven apps will run on any device.