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A Home Buyers Book

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How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Purchasing Your Home ...In Less Than 8 Hours

Are You Willing To Follow 16 Chapters Of Outstanding Home Buyer Information To Learn How To Purchase Your Home, Have Confidence, Negotiate, And Save Thousands Of Dollars Off Your Home Purchase?

If You're Still Reading Then The Answer Must Be Yes.!

• Have you ever wondered how to purchase a home but you're just not sure of the process or steps that are required to be taken?
• Are you excited about purchasing your home but the fear of not knowing where to actually start is stopping you?
• Have you found that when you search for information about how to purchase your home it's just not all available in the one place and you have to go looking for it?

It has been predicted that the longer you wait to purchase a home the harder it will be for you to become an owner. This is due to rising property prices and incomes not rising by the same amount; therefore it's becoming increasingly difficult to afford a home.

Here at Get Ahead we understand people's need to know the details in how to purchase their home, that's why we have written an incredible book which will guide anyone through the very process.

Reading our book "A Guide To "Purchasing Your Home", has helped over 6,397 people save thousands of dollars off their home purchase, you too could be one of these people.


My husband and I were not aware of all the wheelings and dealings of purchasing a home. As far as we were concerned, it was basically getting our loan approved, finding a house that fits with our loan, then if our offer was accepted the house was ours and we move in!

Thank God we got our hands on the book by Get Ahead Pty Ltd, “A Guide to Purchasing Your Home".

This book has really taught us a lot we simply didn’t know and given us an advantage when buying our home with all the information that we have now gained. We feel confident and won’t be a victim of any salesmen taking advantage of us, as we are so new and naive with our home purchase.

Get Ahead’s book helped us so much in realising what type of loans are available and which may suit us best, tricks of the trade, things to look out for (leaking taps, air con, etc) and realising the importance of location and what’s around (schools, public transport, shops, post box) to suit our lifestyle.

This book is not just for first home buyers. We are grateful that there is someone who has written the truth that is easy for us to understand.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to buy a house.

Zaeem and Moreen Ali,
St Clair, Sydney, Australia

Here's Just Some Of What YOU Will Learn:

1. A detailed step by step process of how, when and what you need to do to purchase your home
2. Where the hidden fees are that no-one ever tells you about
3. What the gotcha's are and the nasty things you need to look out for
4. The tips and tricks you need to save your money and time
5. How to knock thousands of dollars off your home purchase.

How would you feel knowing that you have the confidence in understanding exactly what you have to do, how to do it, when to do it and become an expert yourself in purchasing your home?

Download this book NOW!.. for the same price as the cost of a pizza and coke this book could save you thousands of dollars off your home purchase.

Act Now and Get Ahead.!