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Dive into the green world of BunnyBurst and wipe out the nasty menace! The bunch of happy bunnies jumps around and looks unbearably cute. But they leave their droppings everywhere, so you just have no choice but to burst them away. You play in a picturesque and highly interactive world of flying islands and you experience an innovative way of navigating through Bunnyland.

This fast-paced shooter game combines detailed graphics, crisp sounds and fascinating controls to deliver an intoxicating gaming-experience.

In this light version you can play the tutorial and level one of the full game.

Compare your scores on the online highscore list or find your personal statistics. Become the best BunnyBurster of your city, of your country or even of the whole wide world!

... so be careful: This simple, yet addictive game will give you bursts of excitement!

How to play:

1. Press the „Start Game“ Button, then press „Go!“

2. When the game has started, the user-interface shows the current time left, your scored points, your ammunition status next to the zoom function, the „Burst“ and „Load“ buttons, the crosshairs and, of course, Bunnyland.

3. So, put one thumb on the „Burst“ button and the other thumb on the „Load“ button. The buttons can be switched for left-handers. Start aiming at the target by moving your iPhone/iPod touch.

4. Target by tilting your device up, down, left and right. Do you see how the world is moving accordingly to your actions? ... too difficult? You can practice in the provided tutorial.

5. When a target is behind the crosshairs in the middle of the user-interface, press the „Burst“ button to cause immediate destruction. Try to avoid too many failed shoots, because you will earn extra points for a good hit-rate.

6. Reach the minimum score to enter the next level, until you completed all of them and the game is finished. If you end the game during one level, you have to restart this level from the beginning. If you are a talented hunter you can earn a lot of extra gaming time in each level, over and over again!

7. After having completed the game successfully, enter your name in the highscore list and compare your skills with BunnyBursters in your city, in your country and even in the whole wide world!

Download now, to get one of the greatest shooter games currently available for the iPhone/iPod Touch.