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Outrun zombies, literally, or be their dinner!
Adding fun and motivation to running!
Ease into 5k. Move on to 25k!

This is an exciting game that gets you out there and start moving around physically. Your avatar in the game is controlled by your actual running. You have to move your butt, not just your fingers.

3 game modes to select from:
-- Time-based (Run for a fixed length of time);
-- Location-based (You assign your own destination and safe houses);
-- No-zombies (For recording your route);
Your avatar will always be kept in focus on the map as you run;
On the fly info regarding your mileage and time;
Visually trace your route on a live map;
Keeps a log of your running history with annotated maps and animated avatars;
view replays of your runs with animated avatars of yourself and the zombies;
Set the length of time you want to run before the zombies give up the chase (from 2 min to 1 hour);
Set speed of zombies;
Set destination and safe houses;
Enjoy your own music while running;
Audio warning when zombies are closing in;
Set regular background alarm;
Concentrate on your run without having to stare at the screen;
share full running records (including maps and animated avatars) with friends;
Allow friends to view your run in real time on a map;
Real time voice recording and sending lets you hear your friends and family cheer you on as you run

Do NOT play the racing modes while driving;
Do NOT play the racing modes where there's heavy human traffic.
Please use common sense when using this app. We will not be held responsible for any damage or injury done to or by the user.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
This app needs constant internet connection during your run.

Having good GPS signal throughout the chase is important to beat the zombies! Translation: run in open areas where you can see the sky!