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Shark Attack Survival: Great White & Tiger, Blue & Mako, Hammerhead & Whale

iPhone / iPad
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Sharks have prowled Earth's seas, essentially unchanged, for 400 million years. Their size, power, and great, toothy jaws fill us with fear and fascination. And though sharks kill only a few people each year, media coverage and movie portrayals of attacks have marked sharks as voracious killing machines. Our fears—and appetites—fuel an industry that hunts more than 100 million sharks each year and threatens to purge these vital predators from the oceans.

What is included:

01 ◉ Great White
02 ◉ Killer Whales
03 ◉ Whale Shark
04 ◉ Hammerhead Shark
05 ◉ Sharks
06 ◉ Sharks and People
07 ◉ Fun & Art
08 ◉ Panoramic



◎ Use one app on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
◎ Save the Sharks you liked in FAVORITES!
◎ E-MAIL pics to your friends and family!
◎ Swipe left or right to slide to next-previous pic.
◎ Zoom, pinch, slide show, save, wallpaper!
◉ Jazz background music && stylish sound effects!
◎ Always new content will come in regular updates!


Hush! Sharks have extremely sensitive hearing!

Good luck!
Your ShamanMachine Team.

NOTE: The application requires internet connection (wi-fi or cellular) to check&load images each time it runs. Please configure your mail account on the device before sending email from within the application!