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CheckMate PDA

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The Critical Care CheckMate began as a single pocket reference 20 years ago and quickly grew to become a best selling series of references for Critical Care Professionals. This popular series has acquired an international customer base; recognized as an essential tool in the pockets of countless medical professionals worldwide.

The CheckMate PDA software program download offers the core of emergency care info found in all the CheckMates, as well as the specialty information from all versions.

1 program - 13 modules:

Cardiac: ACLS algorithms, Hypothermia, Shock, Malignant Hyperthermia, Sepsis Algorithms; Hemodynamic parameters, Swan Ganz, NASPE/BPEG, Hemodynamic profiles of critical conditions, SVO2 monitoring, Blood group ref, Blood components, Hemodynamic effects of IV meds

Medications: Emergency medications (Dose, infusion rate, mixing instructions, remarks, adverse reactions), Fibrinolytics/Glycoprotein Inhibitors, Drug Calc Formulas, Conscious Sedation, Locals/Epidurals, Epidural Analgesia, Effects of IV Anesthetics/Inhalation agents, Herbal Medications

Respiratory: ABG Normal Values/Interpretations, Indicators of Respiratory Failure, Acid Base Balance, Vent Modes/Settings, PFTs, RSI: Standard, Increased ICP, Eye Injury, Generic, Drug Summary, Suggested Meds; Asthma Algorithm, Topical Respiratory Inhalation Meds, Extubation Reference

Assessment: EKG Rhythm Strip Interpretation, Identifying the site of an MI, Scores: Glasgow, Trauma, PAR; Diagnostic Profile for DIC, CSF in CNS Infections, Lab Profile for DIC, CSF Fluid Ref, HHNK vs DKA, Diagnostic Data for Hemodynamic Interpretation, Skin Lesion Assessment Reference, English/Spanish Translations, Hepatitis Profile

Labs: Adult, Child, Infant, Newborn Values: Hematology, Chemistry, Cardiac Enzymes, Coagulation, Thyroid, Lipid Panel, Urine, Therapeutic Drug Levels

Neuro: Spinal Injury Illustration/Reference, Seizures: Drugs, Status Epilepticus; Cranial Nerve Assessment, ICP Monitoring: CSF Findings, S/S of Head Injury, Types of Monitoring, Waveform Definitions, Waveform Changes, Type of Head Injury; Dermatomes, Physical Neuro Signs and Reflexes, Neuro Findings and Localization of Lesions, NIH Stroke Scale, Myotomes, GCS, PAR, Train of Fours, Sedation Scales: Ped, Ramsay, Riker

Pediatrics: PALS, Pediatric Upper Airway, Hem Shock, Status Epilepticus Algorithms; Ped Normal VS, Infant & Ped Coma Scales, APGAR Scores, Parkland Formula, Pediatric Formulas and Guidelines, Ped IV Meds, Ped Aerosol Therapy, Ped General Equipment Guidelines, Aids to Drug Calculations, Hemodynamic and O2 Derived Variables, Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol, Standardized Concentrations, Recommended Drug Dosages

Trauma: Primary/Secondary Assessment, Management of Severe Head Injury, Chest Trauma Algorithm, Penetrating Abdominal Stab Wound, Penetrating Abdominal Gunshot Wound, Pelvic Trauma Skeletally Unstable, Peripheral Nerve Assessment, Suspected Spinal Cord Injury, Injury Patterns Associated with Blunt Trauma, Myotomes, Pediatric Trauma Algorithm, Trauma, Classification of Depth of Burn, Burn age vs area table

Calculators: Clinical Calculators, Conversion Calculators, IV Calculators, PO Calculators

Poisons: Acetaminophen, Amphetamines, Anticholinesterase, Barbiturates - total 25 toxins with listings for Toxin, Source, Antidote, Treatment, Diagnosis, and Presentation. Poisons/Drug Overdose Clinical Clues and treatment reference

Bioterrorism: Bacterial Agents, Viral Agents, Biological Toxins, Chemical Agents: Listed by Disease Profile, Category, Communicability, Biological Weapons, Incubation S/S, Labs, Diagnosis, Transmission, Post Exposure Prophylaxis, Treatment, Diff Diagnosis, Vaccine, Mortality Rate

Burns: Fluid replacement calculator: Select burned area percentages, calculate fluid replacement Parkland Formula

Scores: Apgar, Glasgow Coma Scale, Pediatric GCS, Infant GCS, Pediatric Trauma Score, Post Anesthetic Recovery Score