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Weissbluth Method Infant Nap App

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OK OK OK - Two pediatricians , Drs. Weissbluth, in Chicago made this App almost 5 years ago. We were not coders then and did not keep updating the app over the iterations of the iPhone. Plus, all the families of Weissbluth Pediatrics get all of our apps and digital tools for free so we never thought it needed updating- alas, we were incorrect -This App does NOT work on the iPhone 5S/6 or iOS7 or above. THIS APP IS FOR OLDER PHONES. Get the WP Baby Guide instead:)

Sorry- if you live in Chicago, please come to 737 N. Michigan Ave suite 820 and claim your refund of $2.99 and we will happily make you whole if you were unsatisfied. Daniel Weissbluth will make a new version of this app, based on all of the constructive feedback, and it will be compatible with the iPhone 6/iPad and he will release it in late 2014- it will be called the WP Baby Guide and like all the other Apps for Weissbluth Pediatrics, it will be free to all of our families!!! If you live in Chicago, check out our housecall App or be old-fashioned and come by the office in person! Our phone number is 312-202-0300 and our group of 5 pediatricians would love to take care of your family!

This first-of–its-kind app inspired by Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s landmark book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child,” will guide parents into creating healthy sleep habits for their infants. This program, designed for any infant from birth to 12 months, gives not only age specific sleep advice but also age specific "nap reminders" to ensure your infant becomes a healthy sleeper.

“Small changes in nap schedules can produce big improvements in sleep”- Dr. Marc Weissbluth

Here’s how it works:
•Sleep advice: Dr. Weissbluth’s seven-year study on the development and disappearance of naps highlighted the importance of daytime sleep. This app gives sleep training tips that are based on the infant’s age and evolve as your infant grows. Simply tap on a tip, and more in-depth instruction appears. ***There is no discussion of “extinction” or “cry-it-out” on this App, however, if a parent follows the advice and nap reminders, they will prevent their infant from getting overtired***

•Nap reminders: As naps shift from “biologic” to “clock” time, the program automatically adjusts its reminders to the infant’s age to create the development of healthy sleep habits. For the first four months, the App is designed to give advice based on HSHHC-the age specific advice/reminders that come at 30,60,90, and120 minute intervals, while the child is marked as “awake,” are designed to prevent the child from getting overtired.

•Nap logging: The parent merely taps a button when the child awakens or goes to sleep and the program will start to log the sleep patterns. If you miss logging a period of sleep by tapping on the awake/asleep icon of the baby, go to the bar graph screen and touch “add nap” and you can log retroactively to keep track of sleep schedules. Tap a bar to edit/delete a sleep block. If used correctly, this log should give parents a good idea of their infant’s sleep schedule. ***This is not meant to be a logging app and that is why we did not include feeding, bathing, or any other activity. Also, there is no reason to count up the total number of hours slept*** Parents (and Dr. Weissbluth) can use these logs to analyze trouble spots in a child’s sleep schedule.
Weissbluth Method websites and resources. .
Twin/triplet compatible! ***to add a twin or triplet, just flick the main screen down***

Rest is vital to your child’s health, growth, and development. The Weissbluth Method Infant Nap App will create these healthy habits.

Sweet Dreams! –Marc Weissbluth, MD

***So here’s what you get for $2.99- some really good advice, a rudimentary logging/reminder system, a free lullaby, and links to some other really good (free) advice. This is an adjunct, not a substitute, for HSHHC.***

*** If you feel like these goals are met, please rate accordingly***