Frweed + v 6.0

By Ian Donaldson
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This is a must have app for any medicinal cannabis patient! Frweed for iPhone and iPad has been specifically tailored to address the needs of the medicinal cannabis community by providing patients with the most up to date strain information available. With instant access to over 100 strains, Internet isn't required! Our strains have full and complete information on origins, flowering time, smell, and medicinal use for each strain. Most have a zoomable hi-res picture and THC & CBD percentages. KNOW YOUR MEDICATION!!! Find the strain you just purchased, discover the effects it provides, and see if it helps relieve your symptoms. We have detailed information for each strain so your sure to find the right one for your medicinal needs.Our convenient search bar allows you to search a strain by name and medicinal uses! Make Frweed your own by choosing from 6 different themes.We have a brand new notes section that allows you to write your personal notes down, sharing your experience with each ...