Spells and Witchcraft Handbook v 3.1

By Lazy Yards
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*** Love...Luck...Friendship...Rituals...Candles...Herbs...Oils...more than 240 spells ***Enter the world of magick with this book, containing plenty of spells for all kind of needs.Spells can range from simple incantations to complex magical rituals. Abracadabra, Abraxas and Hocus Pocus are well-known examples of verbal spells. A spell can be anything from a prayer to a heart-felt wish. Spells can also be amulets, talismans, voodoo dolls, wangas, fetishes, mojos, potions, powders... in fact a spell can take any form.From history and general knowledge about witchcraft to spells, this pocket guide contains information about:*Basics: How to cast a circle, charge an item or consecrate an object.*Candles: Types, colors and their use.*Colors: Magical meaning.*Herbs: A comprehensive list of herbs that can be used in spells or rituals.*Oils: recipes, their use and symbolism.*Sabbats: dates and symbolism.*Stones: Over 70 stones along with their history, use and symbolism. *Over 200 spells grou...