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Celtic Harp Chords

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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(Please Note - if you are having problems hearing the sound - please try switching the orientation lock/mute switch on the side of your iPad. Depending on how you have your settings, it could be acting to mute the sound.)

You can play realistic celtic harp chords, thirds, fifths and octaves with this app.

Each square on the screen play a note. As you move across the screen,
notes are spaced one note apart, according to the selected key.
As you move up and down the screen, the notes go up and down an octave
per row.

Each corner of the square will play a different type of note cluster.
The lower left corner will play a rolled chord. The lower right corner will play
a third. Upper left - fifths, and the upper right, octaves.

Click on the options button in the upper right corner of the screen to change
keys. Changing the key will change which notes show up, whether those notes
are tuned to flat, natural or sharp, and whether the third interval or chord
is major or minor for a given note.

For best sound quality on the iPhone, headphones are recommended.

Thank you for looking, and hope you have a great day!