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WDSU Parade Tracker

iPhone / iPad
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Follow the progress of New Orleans Mardi Gras parades in real-time with the original WDSU Parade Tracker! Track more than 50 parades, including three St. Patrick’s Day parades. See a schedule of parades we're tracking, plus maps of the routes. When the parades are rolling, see the actual location of the front of the parade, updated in real-time from our GPS trackers.

· Original WDSU Parade Tracker technology shows the real-time location of the front of the parade.

· Tracking more than 50 parades in the metro region, including three St. Patrick’s Day.

· Schedule of parades being tracked, include maps of routes

· Mardi Gras related news, videos, live coverage, parade slideshows and sharing your photos or videos with u local!

· Push notifications