WDSU Parade Tracker v 4.0

By Calliope Digital, LLC
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Follow the progress of New Orleans Mardi Gras parades in real-time with the original WDSU Parade Tracker! Track more than 50 parades, including three St. Patrick’s Day parades. See a schedule of parades we're tracking, plus maps of the routes. When the parades are rolling, see the actual location of the front of the parade, updated in real-time from our GPS trackers.Features:· Original WDSU Parade Tracker technology shows the real-time location of the front of the parade.· Tracking more than 50 parades in the metro region, including three St. Patrick’s Day.· Schedule of parades being tracked, include maps of routes· Mardi Gras related news, videos, live coverage, parade slideshows and sharing your photos or videos with u local!· Push notifications...